VPS Elite

best managed virtual private server

Free Setup

The server will be configured and released at no extra charge. We also do setup servers to meet thrid party requirements by request.

M3Admin Control Panel

The M3 control panel is light weight on server resources and easy to use. Best of all its free with no license fees.

Unlimited Domains

We do not limit how many domains you load to a server. This being said, please keep in mind all sites require different amounts of resources like RAM, CPU, Disk, and Bandwidth.

IP Address

Servers come with one IP address. We are domain based hosting. This means you can load unlimited domains to one IP address.

$40/ month

Starting at

  • Up to 8 vCores
  • Up to 16 GB RAM
  • Up to 500 GB SSD Storage
  • 100GB Cloud Storage
  • 50 GB M3SafeVault Backups
  • 65 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 TB CDN
  • SSL Certificate
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Super-charge everything with VPS Elite.

Custom build your own virtual server.

VPS Elite Free Add-ons

To ramp things up enjoy the included free add-ons with all VPS Elite setups.

SSL Certificate

One free managed LetsEncrypt SSL certificate for life of domain being hosted at M3Server.

One Included

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is additional storage that is mounted to your server and can be used for larger files like mp4.

50GB Included

Backup Storage

Rest assured your files will be backuped up at an off-site location with our M3SafeVault enterprise backup system.

50GB Included

Whats included with your managed virtual server.

It's important to M3 that we know requirements of server are met. We have worked to provide plans that fit everyones needs. If your looking for more then the VPS Elite is perfect as you can upgrade on the fly.

Intel® Xeon® Processors.

Only Intel® Xeon® Processors are put in M3 servers, giving you the best CPU power possible.

Add up to 8 vCores

Some applications require more CPU than others. For faster encoding with ffmpeg add more.

M3Server Managed Web Hosting

Why add more CPU?

The processor is the brain. When you add more CPU the server computes things faster.

Enterprise Class Storage

Enterpise class drives built for blazing fast performance are installed on the VPS Elite

Add up to 500 GB

For the best performance we offer high speed SSD drives in Raid 1 disk storage. Without RAID, complete data loss would result.

M3Server Managed Web Hosting

Why add more disk storage?

If your website has alot of large files like videos or images you will want more storage to allow growth.


Loaded with double data type 3 ram that is built for speed and uses about 30% less power then DDR2.

Add up to 8 GB

RAM is vital for optimal performance. Recommend you buy as much ram that you can fit in your budget.

M3Server Managed Web Hosting

Why add more RAM?

Data accessed from memory is far faster than drive access times. RAM is often the bottleneck of most applications.

Premium Bandwidth

We offer a super-fast, low-latency, no-downtime premium network bandwidth.

Add up to 200Mbs Bandwidth

We do not charge for inbound traffic. Outbound traffic is consumed by your websites visitors.

M3Server Managed Web Hosting

Why add more Bandwidth?

Your buying high levels of traffic or plan to make a social media post that will go viral with thousands of visitors.

Fully Capable & Ready

Pre-Installed Software Packages

MySQL and PHP applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other popular PHP applications are ready to deploy.


The worlds most popular webserver software is part of our standard server deployment.


Nginx can be custom configured to greatly reduce the amount of connections the server has to process.


Currently installing the latest version of MongoDB by request for custom builds. Special requests only.


For those of you that are used to MariaDB or looking to see possible improvements this can be installed by request.

PHP 8.x

We are always making sure that the latest tested versions of PHP are running to help clients keep up with times. PHP 8+ is avavailble by request.

ZEND Opcache & Ioncube

Opcache has been proven to dramatically improve performance and reduce RAM waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community.

The client gets his or her own Web server but is not allowed full control over it; however, they are allowed to manage their data via FTP. The user is disallowed full control so that the provider can guarantee quality of service by not allowing the user to modify the server or potentially create configuration problems.
We buy and use our own real server hardware by SuperMicro®. We do not use desktop computers to act as server hardware. Redundant power supplies, fault tolerant high performance SSD RAID 1 disk subsystems and Intel® Xeon® Processors.
Yes, MariaDB and PHP applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other popular PHP applications are ready to deploy. The server is fully managed and is a fully capable Internet server, web server, email server, database server and other services.

What Is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Virtual private servers are considered green technology due to their reduction of various wastes, saving engery, floor space, heat and other resources that data centers and corporate IT departments expend.

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A wide specturm of services are provided to make things easy to manage under one roof.

Off-Server Backups

More times than not, people don't plan for disasters. For this reason, we provide an affordable backup option that is ran daily. Read more >>

SSL Certificates

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Cloud Storage

We offer an easy way to upgrade storage without migrations. Our cloud storage is blazing fast and affordable for the smallest budgets.

Dedicated Support

M3 strives on keeping a good reputation with our clients by providing unmatched support and advice. Ask Support >>

Bare-Metal Servers

When you order a dedicated server from M3, you can rest assured its the real deal. Read more >>

M3 Control Panel

Built by M3 to provide our clients basic control of their server. Take the Tour >>

Server Features

We deploy our servers with the most commonly requested software installed and ready for use. Read more >>

Fully Managed

We monitor all aspects of the server including basic operation of the web server, mail server, and system load on resources. Read more >>

Global CDN

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