What Is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Today's server hardware is very robust with 64 bit processors that support virtualization technology. This power enables server administrators to virtualize the 64 bit operating systems and partition the host machine's hardware into virtual guests known as virtual servers. The virtual server is formatted much like a real machine with resource allocation and it's own operating sytem. Operating systems configured as Internet servers, web servers, email servers and the like are then considered "servers". Virtual Private Servers terminology indicates the server is private to one client or organization. Virtualization allows greater use of the hardware reducing the amount of real servers needed and other utility expenses. This cost savings is passed down to the end client, you the customer.

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Virtual servers are similiar to cloud servers due to the virtualization process, but generally, cloud servers are sold per CPU cycle among other resources. Dedicated virtual servers are generally flat rate for hardware usage, much like a dedicated server.

Virtual private servers are consdered green technology due to their reduction of various wastes, saving engery, floor space, heat and other resources that data centers and corporate IT departments expend. Since the server is virtualized, operating systems are protected from other operating systems partitioned on the same host machine.

Our dedicated virtual private servers are built on linux operating systems using open source software virtualized on enterprise class dedicated servers. All private servers and host machines are monitored 24/7 to ensure optimum performance and are never oversold or over provisioned through various memory sharing techniques.

Apache and shared hosting made the term "virtual server" famous back in the early days of the Internet. However, VPS machines should not be confused with the previous term of virtual server. Apache can still be configured to run multiple web sites on a VPS machine. Apache calls these sites, virtual servers (virtual web servers). While it is still possible for one VPS server to overwhelm a host machine, its much less likely than a shared hosting account overwhelming the shared hosting server. It is also much easier to determine which guest is making the bad neighbor. VPS servers are a very real alternative to expensive dedicated servers. Our entry level VPS server is more robust than most dedicated servers were just 5 years ago. Fully managed, completely ready to serve your web site. View our managed vps server plans and get started today!

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