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Step 1. Buy your Content Management System script (CMS) from Elevated X.

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Step 3. Choose a CMS hosting plan for your Elevated X Adult CMS Script:

Elevated X Hosting Ready. All requirements are met right out of the box. PHP 5.6 - 7.1, MySQL 5.5.22 or greater, IonCube, FLVTool2, FFmpeg, Memcached and Apache mod streaming. Lighttpd web server for media streaming available upon request free of charge. See full list of Elevated X Requirements


We install FFmepg with the needed codecs providing optimized support for your CMS script. We recommend a thread setting of 1/2 the total cores on your server to provide ample CPU for other processes. We are happy to review this setting for you.

IonCube | FLVTool2

Servers are deployed with the latest IonCube loaders for PHP 5.6.x to enable the protected CMS script for operation. FLVTool2 is a manipulation tool for Macromedia Flash Video files (FLV).


Elevated X and M3Server recommends the optional Memcached service for your enterprise Content Management System. Memcached is used to speed up dynamic database-driven websites by caching data for faster processing.

ElevatedX Optimized Managed Hosting Plans

High Performance CMS Hosting Plans

Our Server Specialists are here to assist you on building the right server for what your sites need. How much disk space, RAM, and bandwidth is your server going to need?

What control panel do you provide?

We provide our own in house developed control panel, the M3 Server Control Panel version 6. Allowing high server performance with advanced software support like FFMPEG and other optional software packages. Take our M3 Control Panel tour.

How many IPs do I get with dedicated servers?

We install 2 ips. The first IP is for the server's SSL control panel. You can use this ip for standard web sites. If you need to use SSL, you can load your SSL site to the second IP. If you need more, please contact support for additional information.

What is an adult Content Management System (CMS)?

Elevated X provides an adult CMS that makes it easy to quickly maintain your website. The content management system allows you to publish user friendly, modern looking sites that will showcase your website in the best way possible.

Off-Site Server Backups

More times than not, people don't plan for disasters. For this reason, we provide an affordable backup option that is ran daily. Read more >>

SSL Certificates

Safely do more business with SSL by securing the connection to your site with state of the art encryption. Read more >>

AdServer Solution

Offer your advertisers more effective creative options such as crawlers, lightboxes, page overlays, page peels, and wallpaper ads. Read more >>

Fully Managed

We monitor all aspects of the server including basic operation of the web server, mail server, and system load and resources. Read more >>

Server Features

We deploy our servers with the most commonly requested software installed and ready for use. Read more >>

M3 Control Panel

Built by M3 to provide our clients basic control of their server. Take the Tour >>

Dedicated Support

M3 strives on keeping a good reputation with our clients by providing unmatched support and advice. Ask Support >>

Bare Metal Servers

When you order a dedicated server from M3, you can rest assured its the real deal. Read more >>

Global CDN

Use lower bandwidth and serve your traffic even faster. Sign up today and see how global cdn caching supercharges website load speeds Read more >>

More Services because your website matters.


State of the art systems deployed around the globe delivers your site's content to the caching node closest to your visitor's location. This results in faster page load times for your users and reduced server load.

Learn More

AdServer XS

Capitalize your sales by using the new AdServer XS to organize ad campaigns. Minimal effort is need to use the M3 adserver software. Offering an advanced set of features designed to manage web and mobile ad serving.

Learn More


Our site techs are here to provide you a helping hand when your website administrator is unavailable to assist you. From automating tasks, installing scripts, restoring from backups, and numerous other tasks.

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Website Monitoring

With the website monitoring service M3 will notify you if your website or database crash. This service has been proven to ensure website uptime and preventing possible loss of website traffic and income.

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