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Hands free backups that are stored hundreds of miles away from your origin server.

Fully Managed Off-site Data Protection

More times than not, people don't plan for disasters. For this reason, we provide an affordable backup option that is ran daily. Safe vault backups are strategically placed in off-site datacenters. Having your data at an off-site location is the most effective and effcient way to keep your servers files safe from a disaster.

M3SafeVault technology can be setup on your fully managed Dedicated Server or Vitrual Private Server. Just like all the great services we at M3 offer, this services is updated, maintained, and fully managed by our exsperienced staff.

Affordable data protection with fully managed off-site dedicated backups, vps backups, database backups, and ten days worth of restore points.

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Incremental backups are done with several advantages including the speed of completing a backup operation, a drastic reduction in disk and network I/O, the ability to perform backups as often as every day and no performance penalty for servers having a large number of files.


Up to ten individual recovery points where we can select individual files, directories or entire file systems to be restored within minutes. When disaster really strikes, a complete server can be recovered using a Bare Metal Restore, keeping downtime and data loss to a minimum.


Most of the time people think they will have to double their bill to safely keep backups. M3 development team has done the research to make sure that we are offering some of the lowest prices out there for server backups. After all being safe and keeping your own backups shouldnt leave your pockets empty.

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Server Backup Pricing
SafeVault Daily Off-Site Backups
Storage Price Checkout
10GB $5/month Protect Yourself
25GB $9/month Protect Yourself
50GB $15/month Protect Yourself
100GB $30/month Protect Yourself
150GB $40/month Protect Yourself
300GB $80/month Protect Yourself
500GB $100/month Protect Yourself
1TB $150/month Protect Yourself
2TB $250/month Protect Yourself
3TB $350/month Protect Yourself
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