NATS Hosting

Managed NATS servers starting at $200/month.

Optimized Hosting for NATS Affiliate Tracking Software

Step 1. Buy your NATS Affiliate Tracking Software from Too Much Media.

Step 2. Choose a NATS hosting plan for your affiliate tracking site:

NATS Hosting Ready. All nats4 requirements are met right out of the box. PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.5, IonCube and FFMPEG.


We install FFmepg with the needed codecs providing optimized support for your affiliate tracking script.


Servers are deployed with the latest IonCube loaders for PHP 5.5.x to enable for your NATS affiliate operation.

MaxMind GeoIP

The apache geoip module mod_geoip is installed by default and ready to use with your NATS software.

Step 3. Claim a free domain name during checkout.

*Applies to $12.99 domains, Valid for 1 Year free.

Step 4. Enter 50% off first month promocode at checkout.

Promocode: NATS4HOST

NATS visitors also receive free hardware, ram, and storage upgrades shown exclusively in plan below.

All NATS visistors also receive 50GB of
Free M3SafeVault off-site server backups!

NATS4 Optimized Server Plans

NATS Dedicated Servers

NATS Server

Purchase Now
1TB Diskspace
NATS Ready
Free Setup


Purchase Now
NATS Ready
Free Setup

Processor Details

  • Intel® Xeon® Processor E5620
  • Westmere 2.4GHz
  • 12MB L3 Cache
  • 64 bit
  • Quad-Core Server Processor
  • Hyper-Threading

Hyber-Threading delivers real bang for the buck providing 8 virtual cores of processing power for your CPU hungry applications.

RAM - Server Memory

  • 16 GB RAM Included
  • Upgradable to 64 GB
  • DDR3 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered

RAM is vital for optimal performance. Data accessed from memory is far faster than drive access times. RAM is often the bottleneck of most applications. With 16 GB RAM included, an abundance of capacity is at your disposal.

HDD/SDD Storage Capacity

  • Onboard Hardware RAID 1
  • Upgradable to RAID 10
  • Dual hot swap Drives
  • Drive replacement without downtime
  • Capacity is expandable via 2 hot swap bays

When choosing your server, make sure your data storage needs are met. While RAM is an easy upgrade, data storage is not. If you outgrow your server's storage capacity, don't panic. We will keep you abreast of your disk capacity and alert you as part of our managed service.

What is RAID?

Without getting too technical, our RAID configurations are for redundancy first and performance second. Data is redundant by the mirror service provided by the RAID controller. If one disk fails, our monitoring system alerts our support department. The drive is replaced via hot swap technology. We simply eject the bad disk and insert its replacement. Data is restored by the RAID controller. Although this does not replace an adequate backup regimine, your server uptime is greatly increased.

Without RAID, complete data loss would result. Requiring a complete OS re-install, your data restored from backup sets, and countless downtime. If you are currently on a server without RAID, you should definitely consider moving to M3. Every server at M3 is built on RAID

Suggested server application:

Affililate Stats Server
Stats Script Server
Management Platform Server

Plans are comaptible with other great products:
Content management system
SaaS tracking and management platform

Too Much Media Approved Server Plan

What control panel do you provide?

We provide our own in house developed control panel, the M3 Server Control Panel version 6. Allowing high server performance with advanced software support like FFMPEG and other optional software packages. Take our M3 Control Panel tour.

How many IPs do I get with dedicated servers?

We install 2 ips. The first IP is for the server's SSL control panel. You can use this ip for standard web sites. If you need to use SSL, you can load your SSL site to the second IP. If you need more, please contact support for additional information.

Can the server deploy php sites?

Yes, MySQL and PHP applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other popular PHP applications are ready to deploy. The server is fully managed and is a fully capable Internet server, web server, email server, database server and other services.

Off-Site Server Backups

More times than not, people don't plan for disasters. For this reason, we provide an affordable backup option that is ran daily. Read more >>

SSL Certificates

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AdServer Solution

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Fully Managed

We monitor all aspects of the server including basic operation of the web server, mail server, and system load and resources. Read more >>

Server Features

We deploy our servers with the most commonly requested software installed and ready for use. Read more >>

M3 Control Panel

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Dedicated Support

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Bare Metal Servers

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Global CDN

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