M3 Admin Control Panel

Version 7.x

M3 Admin Control Panel Databases

Database control menu.

TIP: Backup your databases before performing major work on them, including wordpress updates.

Although tech support is fast to respond, its in your best interest to have a backup of your database. Our free backup service is designed to protect your data from corruption, drive failure, etc. Data could be up to a week old depending on the last backup run. By taking a simple step to backup your database, you avoid major issues and web site outages due to failed or corrupt databases. With the database control system, you can do the following:

    Database list – list your databases.
    New Database – add a new database to your site/server.
    Database Browser – Administrate your database (requires db name and password).
    Flush Hosts – Empties the host cache tables. You should flush the host tables if some of your hosts change IP address or if you get the error message Host 'host_name' is blocked.
    Delete database – Make sure you want to delete the database, perhaps you should make a backup first.

Click here for how to add database to control panel step by step instructions.