M3XS-D3 Plan Details

Bare Metal Dedicated Server

Full featured and fully managed server.

A suprisingly powerful and affordable enterprise class server.

Suggested server application:

High Traffic Server / Script Server / Tube Site Server / CMS Server

Final thoughts on server selection.

Determine your capacity needs and your budget. Selecting the server with the appropriate resources can save you time and money.

The high traffic media servers are built for easy bandwidth upgrades.

Review our server line up, or select configure below to get started.

Server: M3XS-D3

Intel® Xeon® E5-2620V3 2.4GHz


8TB Storage

Raid 10

100TB (300Mbps) Traffic

Well equipped for high traffic websites starting at $779/mo

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All classic dedicated servers, m3 bare metal servers, are true dedicated servers. Shared with no other client, full hardware resources are dedicated to you and at your full disposal. All servers are monitored by M3 via our rigorous process of both automated and human QoS inspections. All servers at M3 are purpose built servers by SuperMicro©, no desktop machines here. We offer fully managed servers that come preloaded to support most of the popular php applications including WordPress©, Joomla©, and many of the popular 3rd party scripts used today. When in doubt, open a ticket and provide the URL of the script's requirements page. Since we manage your server, we will install the requirements free of charge. These are not bare bone operating systems, no server administration knowledge.

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What is a bare metal server?

The hosting industry is always keeping up with the latest slang, primarily for search engine optimization purposes. The new term is known as bare metal servers, to distinguish them from VPS servers.

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