What Is Bare Metal Server?

The hosting industry is always keeping up with the latest slang, primarily for search engine optimization purposes. The new term is known as bare metal servers, to distinguish them from VPS servers. Since a VPS is a dedicated server that is virtualized and resides on a host machine. VPS machines can be considered dedicated servers. Hence the term, bare metal server. We are old school, being around since 1996, we refer to them as dedicated servers. So, a bare metal server is indeed a dedicated server sharing the hardware with no other server.

Some hosts provide smart servers. These are single virtualized instances that live on a host machine. Although generally not shared with other clients, there is always a slight performance loss virtualizing a guest.

These are generally provided to unmanaged clients so the service provider has control of the host operating system for easier reboots. We do not utilize such services. When you order a dedicated server from M3, you can rest assured its the real deal, bare metal server if you are of the new generation, or classic dedicated server if your old school. Whatever you call it, we can relate the language with you!

We buy our servers from a Supermicro Authorized Distributor, configured for your needs not hype. While our dedicated server plans are tailored to fit most organizations needs, we can certainly customize a server to your exact specifications.

It is even more common today to start new projects on virtualized private servers while developing your idea or design, then migrate to your own dedicated hosting server when resources or traffic demands it. We provide free server to server migration service from any M3 VPS to VPS, or VPS to dedicated. You can breathe easy knowing you can start small and grow your operation without any server management worries.