M3XS Standard Features

Managed VPS & Dedicated Hosting Deployed Services

We deploy our servers with most commonly requested server software installed and ready for use. This provides you with a server that will run your popular scripts right from the start. Less support tickets, less wait. Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, PHP and MySQL applications deployed effortlessly. While our servers are setup to support most apps, its often wise to review your 3rd party script's server requirements URL for any specific information. If you have any troubles installing a 3rd party script, just create a ticket with support to include the requirements URL for us to review free of charge.

List of open source software installed and ready for use.

M3 Control Panel v7.x
Built in house by M3 and requires no license fees. Included with all service plans. Allows non-server administrators to easily configure the server with new domain names, email accounts and MySQL databases.

A complete and fully operational ready Linux Apache MySQL PHP server configured with most requested modules.

E-Mail Server
Secured by SSL, WebMail, POP3/IMAP and SMTP Auth. Provides your users with multiple options of collaberation with e-mail.

We recommend IMAP to keep mailboxes synced when using multiple devices; desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Popular anti-piracy encoded 3rd party apps supported by default.

OS Firewall
Tuned and activated to harden your server while providing needed access to most common ports.

Developer tools
Perl, cgi, bash, python and more.

Optionally deployed:
The following items can be installed, free of charge, per request to reduce wasted resources:
FFMPEG, Streaming modules, mencoder, mplayer, Varnish Cache, Memcached, Alternative PHP Cache (APC), Lighty (Lightweight open-source web server, m3's choice for lightweight and high performance media server for your tube type web site) and much more.

We do not support nor offer Windows Server or Windows Remote Desktop type services. We value open source software. If your software isn't explicity listed above, please contact us with your server requirements for review.

We truly value your business.

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