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M3Server.com is a provider for WordPress Web Hosting. What is WordPress? WordPress is a highly customizable software application for your web site. WordPress is a free download. Since we are a provider of WordPress web hosting on virtual and dedicated servers, we can help you with your blog to get you up and running quickly. This means, faster start times for your WordPress blog or web site, better support, and faster page load times.

Our WordPress VPS hosting service simplifies your operation and enhances the performance of your web sites. With our highly rated M3 Control Panel, you can add a new blog or site to your server with WordPress hosting pre-installed with just one click. Database and files are instantly setup for you ready for the WordPress setup page to add your admin user and start blogging! Want to add 20 WordPress web sites to your hosting virtual server at one time? No problem! Our control panel will install all the pages and databases with just one click! We want to be your best WordPress web hosting providers.

Plus, the M3 Control Panel can auto install WordPress in one click on a group of new domains you load at the same time! Need to load 20 new WordPress hosting sites? No problem, one click, they are all installed on your VPS hosting service and ready for you.

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Choosing the correct web hosting provider for your WordPress site is vital for your success. We value your service and with our extensive hosting experience, since 1996, we have the experience to stand behind your web hosting service. We have many web hosting plans built to scale with your needs and your budget. If you have just one small web site, we recommend the VPS Pro web hosting service plan. Plenty of power to host several WordPress sites or blogs. Easy upgrades like $8 monthly for an additional 1 GB of RAM can greatly boost performance of your WordPress blog or site even further. If you have a large WordPress web hosting site, we are here to help you get maximum performance from it. We can bench test your web site with our advanced hosting tools to tune the Apache© web server, PHP caching, and MySQL© database server as well. WordPress has countless plugins and themes to make the most of your WordPress web hosting site. M3Server has the power to provide a stable, reliable, and fast server to help you get the most out of your WordPress experience.

WordPress web hosting can be installed on any of our web hosting service plans, and get your own WordPress Virtual Server. Our web hosting service plans are all hosted on our premium web service via virtual dedicated servers or classic dedicated servers. Whatever the plan, all of our servers support WordPress web hosting needs. click here to watch WordPress tutorial videos

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