One-Click WordPress Install


When it comes to building your website WordPress makes a very complicated task easier to handle. We have put together some wordpress hosting plans with extra features to help speed up your website.

Premium WordPress Hosting Plans

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How to add a website to the control panel and install WordPress with one-click.

This video is going to show you how to add a WordPress site to your M3Server Control Panel. Written instructions are found below.

1. Login to your M3Server Control Panel.

2. Go to the WEBSITE tab and select NEW to add a new website.

3. Enter the domain name into the space provided.

4a. If you are an existing FTP user, select YES and select your username from the dropbox.

4b. If you are a new FTP user, select NO and enter a username and password into the boxes provided. Note: The password must contain at 7-20 characters and must contain at least 1 number.

5. Select YES or NO if you want to install wordpress on this site.

6. Select YES or NO if this server will be used as a mailhandler.

7. Click the green submit button.

8a. On the next screen, look over all the information you entered to make sure it is all correct. If it is correct, select the green confirm button.

8b. If it is NOT correct, select the blue back to options button and make your changes. Once you make your changes, select the green submit button again. Then select the green confirm button.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now added a website to your M3Server Control Panel!