Elgg Server Requirements

M3Server has worked to make sure our systems meet all the server requirements for Elgg Social Network site. Below is a list of Elgg server script requirements for your reference and ours.

Virtual Private Server

Elgg Managed Web Hosting
  • 20 GB Storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 CPU
  • 10 TB Transfer
  • $3.75 first month
  • Buy

Elgg Installation Requirements:

  • MySQL 5+
  • PHP 5.5+ with the following extensions:
  • GD (for graphics processing)
  • Multibyte String support (for i18n)
  • Proper configuration and ability to send email through an MTA
  • Web server with support for URL rewriting
  • Apache server
  • Apache with the rewrite module enabled
  • PHP running as an Apache module
  • Download the latest version of Elgg

Elgg Social Network Software Resources