Elevatedx Server Requirements

M3Server has worked to make sure our systems meet all the server requirements for elevatedx Adult CMS site. Below is a list of elevatedx server script requirements for your reference and ours.

Linux OS Recommended

  • PHP 7.3
  • MySQL 5.7.19 or greater
  • (MariaDB 10.4.13 or greater will work as well)
  • IonCube Loader 10.3.9 or greater
  • ZIP with PHP access to file
  • mozjpeg 3.0 or greater
  • ImageMagick 7.0.10-10 or greater
  • A release (non-git) version of FFmpeg 3.2.2 or greater

PHP Module Requirements

  • PDO with MySQL Module
  • cURL Module
  • OpenSSL Module
  • DOM Module
  • MBstring Module
  • EXIF Module Enabled
  • GD Module Enabled

Firewall IP Restriction

  • Allow access from IP:

Strongly Recommended

  • SSL Certificate


  • Memcached Caching Engine

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