Ad Server: Lightbox


By default the lightbox is automatically closed after 15 seconds, but you can adjust this from 1 to 900 seconds.

The lightbox will adjust to fit ads of varying sizes and orientation.

The lightbox can easily be made responsive to show appropriately sized ads to desktop/laptop users, mobile phone users and tablet users for a better user experience.

Media Support

Graphic banners (GIF/JPG/PNG)

Flash banners

Custom HTML banners, including forms with CSS and JavaScript

Third-Party banners from agencies and ad networks such as Atlas, DoubleClick, MediaMind, PointRoll, Zedo and most others


Deploying lightboxes on your web site couldn't be easier. Our code wizard will generate all of the HTML code for you. All you have to do is copy and paste that code into the bottom of your web page near the tag.</body> The code wizard also gives you the option to adjust the auto-close timeout if the default 15 seconds doesn't suit your purposes.


Lightboxes are best implemented with large-scale banners since they can utilize a good portion of the browser window area, but you don't want to go too large as not all users will have high-resolution screens!

We recommend serving 300x600 or 550x480 banners to desktop/laptop users and tablet users since they fit nicely on all such screens.

Smaller sizes such as 300x250 or 180x150 can be substituted for mobile phones users, which will improve the usability of your web site on those devices.

Quirks Mode Considerations

If your web site happens to render in Quirks Mode you will need to correct that in order for the lightbox to show up correctly in Internet Explorer, however, this can usually be accomplished by simply specifying a doctype if one is missing or by switching to a standards compatible HTML doctype.

The HTML5 doctype as well as all of the XHTML 1.0 or 1.1 doctypes, which are the most commonly used for modern or relatively modern web sites are already rendered in standards compliant mode and require no changes.

On older web sites that use HTML 4.01 you must use the complete doctype with system identifier which would be one of the following:

Ad Server Examples

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