Ad Server: Banners

Supported Sizes

AdServer XS comes preloaded with all of the IAB standard banner sizes such as the Universal Ad Package which includes 300x250, 180x150, 160x600 and 728x90.

Plus you can easily add your own custom sizes, such as the 200x125 used below.

We also have a rather generous 256 KB initial file size limit.

Graphic Formats

  • Flash (SWF)
  • JPG
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • HTML
  • Third-Party tags from agencies and ad networks such as Atlas, DoubleClick, MediaMind, PointRoll, Zedo and most others


Deploying banners on your web site couldn't be easier. Our code wizard will generate all of the HTML code for you. All you have to do is copy and paste that code into your web page where you would like the banner to appear!
Plus we have options for automatically refreshing banners and displaying multiple unique banners in a row, column or grid which is perfect for sidebar ads.

Flash Banners

AdServer XS has first-class support for Flash banners. We can track clicks on Flash banners provided that they are coded to the clickTAG tracking standard. Relax though, because if you encounter a Flash banner that's improperly coded or missing a clickTAG we can actually fix that for you with a single click! Plus you can also provide a fallback GIF/JPG/PNG for visitors without Flash capability.

Third-Party Banners

AdServer XS is a great option for rotating ads from multiple ad networks and handling third-party tags from advertising agencies. Many other ad servers make you insert weird variables or macros into third-party tags so that you can track clicks on them. It's really tedious and error-prone. The good news is that with AdServer XS you don't have to do that because we do it for you automatically! Not only that, but with our excellent media preview tool you can click on a third-party banner (or any type of ad really) and we'll verify that the click tracking is working properly before you put it live on your web site.

Multiple Banners

Have a leaderboard or sidebar space that you want to fill with multiple ads? AdServer XS is able to display multiple ads in a row, column or grid layout with a single banner code. Plus if that doesn't impress you, we also prevent duplicates and you can even reserve specific positions for important advertisers while rotating others through the rest of the positions!

Ad Server Examples

Click and see examples of ways to run your campaigns with real examples.