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Elevate your advertising with AdServer XS

About AdServer XS

About AdServer XS Solution

M3Server provides clients top quality services in all areas of web hosting. AdServer XS is an adserver solution that puts you in control of your advertising efforts. Our hosted AdServer solution offers an easy to use control panel that allows you to monitor the performance of your campaigns with real-time reporting across all of your publishers without having to log in to dozens of different reporting systems.
Please take a moment and review the features and examples of what you can do with our cloud powered self-serve ad serving platform for your ad serving solution.

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Simple Management

Consolidate management of your web advertising and push creative changes out to all of your publishers instantly or on a schedule with minimal effort!

Advertising Features

Offer your advertisers more effective creative options such as crawlers, expandables, lightboxes, full page overlays, page peels, and wallpaper ads in addition to traditional banners, text ads and popups and popunders.

Affordable Ad Server Solution

Ad Server Plans and Pricing

M3 ad servers are built with enterprise drives with real hardware raid cards for the best performance and uptime.


$29.00/ month

Standard Plan

  • 3 Million Impressions*


$79/ month

Standard Plan

  • 5 Million Impressions*


$129/ month

Standard Plan

  • 7 Million Impressions*


$350/ month

Dedicated Plan

  • 150 Million Impressions*


$650/ month

Dedicated Plan

  • 300 Million Impressions*
*Impressions listed per plan are based on what you are allowed for the monthly total impression usage.